Wind Breaker - Volume 5

Wind Breaker - Volume 5

Ricard Torres on Wind Breaker in reviews


Actions speak louder than words, Sakura is bound to be a leader. He leads by example, even if he doesn’t realize it.

The class electing him as their rep meant more than the manga suggested. Sakura who had no friends (not even a chat app installed) is now flooded and surrounded by good people. About time, he deserves it.

We’re seeing a change in Sakura, sure he still gets tomato red, but he’s starting to embrace this role, school, and the meaning behind the Wind Breaker. I think he would’ve tried to help his classmate even if he wasn’t the rep. Which is why he’s a perfect fit for class president.

The fight outside of the cafe was not very intense, rather comical. It was too easy. I hope the next fight the this Keel gang gives us back the intensity of volumes 3 and 4.

PS: I didn’t know there were girls in the school until the top 4 appeared on the roof, I think the author might have to work on drawing better female characters.

Ricard Torres
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