The Promised Neverland - Volume 3

The Promised Neverland - Volume 3

Ricard Torres on The Promised Neverland in reviews


The 3rd volume had lots of talking at the beginning but accelerates towards the end with the death of Sister Krone, unexpected! I thought we would see more, I wanted to see her share more information from the outside world.

Don and Gilda were very right to get disappointed in the trio, they should have trusted them from the beginning.

Mother has been always one step ahead of everybody, I hope this changes.

They didn’t explain what clue was the pen from “WM” (Willieam Minerba, I presume). The sister left it there, I imagine it will have information they’ll able to use.

The cliffhanger in this volume is almost unforgivable, thankfully I own the next volume so I can continue reading. Imagine reading this back then on a weekly or monthly release 🥲

So, how are they going to save Norman?

Ricard Torres
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