Naruto - Volume 16

Naruto - Volume 16

Ricard Torres on Naruto in reviews


Nice to see our protagonist fathers getting in on the action. I’m somewhat disappointed with the “Anbu” (special forces) who did nothing to protect the Hokage when the thing started.

Very fitting that Orochimaru has lost his techniques, I would’ve preferred death but I guess that will come in the future. Who will administer this vengeance in the name of the 3rd Hokage?

Jiraya Hokage? No way, man. Now, Tsunade… looking forward to seeing how they introduce this character.

Itachi Uchiha simply walking in town, and Kakashi had a bad feeling. Thankfully they waited to be far away from the city center. He’s truly menacing. The technique that had Kakashi 3 days trapped while being stabbed… just speechless.

Awesome to see Gai make an appearance, would have loved to see more of him. I guess we’ll have to wait.

Such a cliffhanger, one of the biggest of the series. I assume Itachi is not there to kill Naruto but who knows…

Ricard Torres
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