Midori no Hibi - Volume 2

Midori no Hibi - Volume 2

Ricard Torres on Midori No Hibi in reviews


I was not expecting Midori to go back to her body so fast. But they didn’t explain very well what happened. How did she go back? But lost memories or something? Then she reappeared as Seiji was feeling lonely without her?

The bath/shower scenes are more spicy than I thought they would be. Now we see the big sister fully naked.

The story about the friend being conned by a girl asking him for money was a little bit boring. First, because it was obvious Seiji would fight for his friend. Also sad that the friend did not acknowledge his old friend first, while at the same time, he confronted the girl. He ends up giving her the money anyway. Thank God she gave it back.

The chapter with Seiji sleeping through everything was too absurd but I guess that’s to be expected from this manga. They’ve also touched on perverts on the subway and bullies abducting a kid and almost raping him. Fantastic.

What I enjoyed most was the chapter about the dress and the other dude who also likes dolls 😂

Midori no Hibi - Volume 2

Ricard Torres
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