Haikyu - Volume 9

Haikyu - Volume 9

Ricard Torres on Haikyuu in reviews


Good volume. I am still missing those full-page spikes we’ve seen in previous volumes, giving you goosebumps.

I like we’re seeing new characters (the schools from Tokyo). So funny to see Nekoma again. The 2 managers’ scene was very funny.

I was surprised to see how the anime changed the scene in which Yachi tells her mother she will join the team, screaming out loud. In the anime that happens in the train/subway station, however in the source material (manga) is on the street. I gotta say, I somehow like the subway station more. It makes it more impactful, screaming there than on the street.

Mild cliffhanger there at the end with Hinata telling Kageyama he wants to start opening his eyes. We need to evolve that quick attack!

Ricard Torres
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