Dragon Ball - Volume 2

Dragon Ball - Volume 2

Ricard Torres on Dragon Ball in reviews


This volume has such a high pace! We see the team get all the Dragon Balls, Goku transforming into the giant gorilla-like monster, Goku losing his tail, the Dragon Balls getting scattered, and the start of the training…

It’s so much already, plus the introduction Krillin! He’s not being the best friend (for now). I look forward to seeing how he changes and becomes Goku’s friend rather than an acquaintance.

Master Roshi (if you can call him Master) is such a pervert, he can’t possibly deserve the title of Master. I want to see Goku surpassing him fast and taking off on his own adventures. There doesn’t seem to be many things Muten Roshi can teach Goku.

Ricard Torres
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