Blue Lock - Volume 6

Blue Lock - Volume 6

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Chapter 42


The classic chapter of the power-up, we need to get better before we can move forward with new characters and challenges. If it was real, it would be an amazing technology to have. Ego treats Anri so badly, what an asshole. Or maybe it’s the transition but saying “Shut up, Anri” is all but polite or professional.

Chapter 43


What a twist. First so good to meet Bachira again, there was no doubt he would go on to the next stage. But then Nagi completely disregards his old buddy and joins Isagi’s team. Finally growing into this role and becoming more egoistic, wanting to be better. I welcome very much this side of Nagi. Good luck facing your next opponents!

Chapter 44


No doubt as well here, Kunimi and Chigui move on as well. Who are they going to team up with? Lots of explanation and talk here. Time to fight, let’s go. The three top players seem very annoying. The three of them. So far I only found Raichi to be annoying, I’ll add these three to the list.

Chapter 45


Bachira has leveled up then! Nagi is excellent as usual, and Isagi finishes it with a goal. It’s clear that this was too easy and things are going to be turned around. Rin is so good it’s not even credible, how are you going to make it from center field and have that hologram protect the goal? Meh… Cool drawing but not believable.

Chapter 46


So good! Finally, we see the other two annoying characters get into the action. They are strong but in a credible way, long legs, high jump, strong build, speed… Yes, let’s go. How will our team surpass them?

Chapter 47


Nagi tasting the defeat is nice, welcome to the real world, pal. On the other hand, he does that awesome play and doesn’t even look excited. Damn you, Nagi 😂 Thankfully the center field shot is not working for Rin anymore, stop it.

Chapter 48


Rin, this dude… He can put the ball in from the corner too. Meh! I think they went overboard with his skill level. How can we possibly go higher from here? We will not have better players in the series? We’ve gone too high, too fast.

Chapter 49

The team has been broken up! I think either Bachira or Nagi would have been very interesting choices. Although I prefer that Nagi and Isagi stay together. Nagi pulling his hair, darn, that was very aggressive. Good that they end up fist-bumping and we’re all good.

Volume 6


This volume has not been as good as the previous one. I liked the drawing (intense panels as usual!) and the pace of the story, but the new characters were very annoying and (especially the one) not credible to me.

Looking forward to the next volume.

Blue Lock - Volume 6

Ricard Torres
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