Blue Exorcist - Volume 5

Blue Exorcist - Volume 5

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The trio’s personalities… they’re just so different. We have Rin, the main character, full of energy and wants to prove himself. The younger brother who is mostly annoyed and exhausted from having to care for others. Best for last, the most senior exorcist we’ve seen who’s a drunk and would rather be at home enjoying TV with a cool brew.

It seems Rin is starting to acknowledge more and more his younger brother’s skills. I appreciate that. Yukio has been working his ass off.

That panel of the shinkansen (the bullet train) on the platform. So real. I’ve been there, done that, multiple times. Love to see it.

Rin is such a cliché shonen main character. Good to the core, easy forgives, and just a good person. He’s just being himself in front of his classmates while they avoid him like the plague. They are coming around, though.

Bon is so wrong in this situation. Rin had nothing to do with anything in Bon’s past, yet he’s holding it against him. Bon is immature and too driven by emotions.

We’ve been introduced to lots of new characters in the Kyoto area. How important are these going to be? To be seen…

Bon’s backstory does not justify how he’s treating Rin. I hope he comes to an understanding soon.

I’m loving these volumes, they are thicker than other stories and full of extra drawings in the back and in between chapters. There’s so much love put into each volume.

Blue Exorcist - Volume 5

Ricard Torres
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