Bleach - Volume 3

Bleach - Volume 3

Ricard Torres on Bleach in reviews


Done with volume 3! ✅

Kon is a fun addition to the team. We get some flashbacks and the sadness of losing Ichiro’s mother, something that has driven him and changed him forever. I mean, who wouldn’t change after that?

The poor sisters seem to always get the short end of the stick.

Ichiro wants to finish the enemy by himself because it’s “his fight”. Stupid ego almost gets him killed. Showing him his mother’s appearance is a cheap trick, way below the belt.

They teased he might die but now we know this won’t probably happen. I don’t like it. If you’re mortally wounded have the conviction to kill a character, or don’t let him be so wounded that then we’re disappointed he’s all fine. There’s no sense of thrill then!

It seems in the end Ichiro and his father had a breakthrough? Although I think they’ll still fight regardless. I hope Ichiro can move on now.

Bleach - Volume 3

Ricard Torres
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