Bakuman - Volume 8

Bakuman - Volume 8

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Chapter 62


Iwase is madly in love. Doing all these for a guy, if she likes writing stories better why the heck change. It’s weak and out of date. Good for Saiko to give Miyoshi a key, a sign of trust after everything she’s done for them. The letter was very unexpected, of course, they don’t know of its existence. Let the drama begin. Honestly, I couldn’t care less, I’m here for drawing manga, not love stories.

Chapter 63


Of course, Takagi and Miyoshi hardly spoke and the issue that could have been solved with a conversation is stretching forever. The editor is giving them more directions on the manga, more gags, and more jokes. I don’t think this will end up well.

Chapter 64


It’s very weak to have cloned their stories into a manga. I’m all in for getting inspiration but like writing them down and changing the names is like… I think you could do better. Nakai is an ass and he’s not cut for this. His focus is not in the right place. The letter has surfaced and Saiko’s love life (if you can call it that) is in danger. More unnecessary drama, let’s skip it, please.

Bakuman - Volume 8

Chapter 65


First place, heck yeah! With all the drama going on we at least get some good news. Is the series a done deal then? Maybe I was wrong to assume this comical story would turn out bad. Well done Aoki for slapping that asshole across the face. Nakai is scum, trying to blackmail Aoki into dating. What the heck is wrong with you dude? Nothing you say can change my mind on what I think of you, you piece of shit.

Chapter 66

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Takagi, my dude, you’re very unlucky to meet at the zoo with your girlfriend and have Aoki show up at the exact moment, in the exact place in the park. The moment she falls into his arms Miyoshi appears 😂 Poor girl. In the end, it was a good thing they clashed here, Takagi’s proposal was not the most romantic but it worked out. Saiko was speechless when he was told 😂 But quickly jumped in and pushed to get serialized.

Chapter 67

Big surprise the asshole high school classmate continues to be an asshole in university. I guess people like this exist, how low can you go? Disgusting. Fukuda punching Nakai in the face was oddly satisfying.

Chapter 68

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Iwase is making a move and luckily for her (and maybe not for us), she’s with Hattori (who we know is really good). So only bad things can happen, like she’ll get good at this and will be a true contestant for us. On the other hand, she just started, Takagi has been working on manga (professionally) for how many years has it been 2 or 3? I won’t buy it if she gets good too fast. She needs to put in the work. Such a cliffhanger there after the serialization meeting!

Chapter 69


I feel bad for the ex-assistant Takahama, getting cancelled. Was he not good enough? Was his editor not good enough? Nakai you piece of shit, stop chasing these women. I’m glad the assistant also rejected you. You deserve what’s coming to you. He’s so unprofessional too, leaving Takahama when there’s work to do. Asshole. I’m glad they couldn’t stop him, we don’t need this character around anymore. In all of this, our boys did not get the series. How did it end up in the first place but then fell? Were the 3 chapters they wrote that bad?

Chapter 70


Iwase is too good to be true, it’s not realistic. I don’t believe it. Glad to see our editor full steam ahead trying to change the direction of those chapters, and see how we can get serialized. Tahama had the balls to ask for a new editor, good for you man. Too bad the chief didn’t like that. I think it’s BS. I would like to see the chief say the same thing if Nizuma would want to change. Would they let him leave the magazine? Nizuma and Hattori, such a fun combo! I want to see more of that.

Volume 8


I gotta give it to the authors here… The whole Takagi drama felt boring but then they have turned it on us and sped up the story with the serialization rejection and Nizuma getting involved with Iwase’s story. The last chapters were best.

I want to read more!

Bakuman - Volume 8

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