Ao Ashi - Volume 11

Ao Ashi - Volume 11

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Kuroda hit the pole with his head, Jesus… The dude’s head is bleeding and he says he’ll continue playing. Well done.

I find the whole thing amusing, having to say “I want to talk to you”, and things like that. They can’t seem to see the big picture. Thankfully (but slowly) they are coming to their senses and start to play as a team rather than as individuals. Big surprise, to win at a team sport you have to play as a team.

Glad to see Togashi awakening and standing his ground, doing what a defender should. Stop the ball from coming any closer.

I find pleasure in seeing Kaneda struggle, the bully, the unhappy player who has only a desire for vengeance after seeing his plans ruined. Good.

Ashito seems to be finally becoming that “playmaker” the coach teased about a few volumes back. More and more he’s doing it on purpose. I think we’re ready for the next step.

We did not see the opposing team after the game, Kaneda… what an ass, I hope he doesn’t show up again in the story.

Glad to see the boys are going up to the A. Although after seeing how quickly they also some of them went down before… I do wonder how long will they be there? Are we moving to the next arc? Being in the A team and staying there?

I don’t see Asari moving up, which should make for fun interactions with Otomo his roommate.

Ao Ashi - Volume 11

Ricard Torres
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