Chainsaw Man: it could've been so much more

Chainsaw Man: it could've been so much more

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⚠ī¸ This rant contains spoilers up to chapter 104 of the manga. You’ve been warned 😉

I’ve discovered Chainsaw Man through its anime adaptation. The story, the music, the animation itself… No doubt one top anime in that season. MyAnimeList also concurs with an 8.59 out of 10.

I wanted more so I started the manga, which is also great, at first.

Aki’s death

What made me stop reading was the death of Aki, one of the pillars of this manga. In my opinion, he and Power are the ones really supporting the story. Without them, you’re left with not much to go on 🤷‍♂ī¸

Sure, I think we can agree that it was tearjerking. Aki’s backstory, the brother, and family killed by the Gun Devil, then at those last panels when he was playing in the snow oblivious of what was actually happening… 😭

It was a very brave thing to do to kill off this character. A decision, that to me as a reader, has made me drop the manga entirely. So, yes, brave but you lost a reader 👋 I’m not alone, I’ve had chats with others and they have also dropped it or are on the verge to do so 🤔

I don’t get why his death was necessary to the story, to Denji’s character development? I don’t see it. Aki’s death only brings pain to the reader that wants to enjoy the series ☚ī¸

I’m not saying killing off characters is forbidden, I like it when done right. Take Himeno’s death, it was very well done đŸ’¯ Her death evolved Aki as a character, which was a good thing 👍

Now, taking out such a supporting character as Aki… Not cool 👎

Is it plausible they could bring Aki back from the dead? It could be done but I don’t see it likely to happen.

What’s your take?

Are you still reading after this? Have you droppped the manga?

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

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